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Canned Road-dust

Canned Road-dust

My colleague, Laci, who was the graphics designer for my employer that time - otherwise an artist in the true sense of this word since his early years - asked me during our coversations when I recounted this or that experience of mine having gone through somewhere in the world, why I don't write down these amusing stories and don't make it possible for others to learn about them, too. He must have been unaware of the fact how near he was to reality as some years before, when I was sent away by my employer with a flea in my ear, because my presence made the woman in charge too uneasy with my understanding her practices at the privatisation of the company clearly through knowledge I acquired in my former job and, till I got another job somewhere, I had time to write down the history of nearly 60 years that I had behind me. Only it had not been a well edited travel book, rater it was the grumbling of an old bear. Thus, I sat down in front of my small 386 and cut out parts of the big hump that can awake the interest of anybody beside me. I tried to tidy them and began to find a possibility for publishing the book, but he who tried something like that knows, it is a bigger task than it looks at the beginning.
My colleague who inspired me to begin all this did not help more than others in general, although he promised everything on ground of his sizable professional knowledge. I am not hurt by this, it has always been easier to promise than to keep word. At last I myself edited the 320 pages of text print-ready, as well as the 258 photos in black and white. This book can be read by clicking on the following links.

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